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Every Architectural design project starts with an initial design consultation, this is the first and most crucial step of a project. We will discuss with you your project requirements and ideas and review your existing building or site for potential design proposals.

We then review planning considerations along with exploring potential construction techniques and architectural design styles.

During the initial design consultation, we will make notes about your project to produce an architectural design brief in line with your project requirements.

Once we have discussed your project in detail during the initial design consultation, we will provide you with a fee for our architectural services.

Once appointed, a member of Excela Architecture design team will arrange for our surveyor to visit your home or site to carry out an extensive measured survey using a 3D Laser Scanning Machine to record the existing layout of your property or site. 

After the site survey is complete, we will produce existing information architectural floor plans and elevations of your property. This is a vital step in the architectural design process as the existing information plans form the foundation for all of the design proposals. 

You will receive the existing plans in PDF format once they have been completed. 

For projects where no existing structure is present such as New build homes or Housing developments, it may be necessary to a land survey or full topographical survey


Once the existing information plans have been completed, we can begin with the concept design stage. The concept design stage is where we start the proposed designs of your project, we explore the design options, your ideas and project requirements then combine with our design expertise to produce concept design proposals that will be suitable for your project.


We provide our concept design proposals in 3D as well as floor plans and elevations. 3D plans help you to truly visualise the concept ideas of a project.


Throughout the concept design stage, we offer unlimited design revisions and you are able to make as many design changes as you require until you are 100% happy with the final design.

Architect in Cheshire New Build Concept Design

Once you are happy with the chosen concept design, we will arrange a meeting with you to discuss the finer details of your project such as materials and finishes.  


We then start developing the proposed design, adding the fine details and produce a full set of proposed planning application drawings and supporting documents.


Once we have finalised the design, we then produce 3D Architectural CGI’s for your project and submit your planning application on your behalf.


During the planning application process, we will monitor the application and liaise with the planning officer where necessary and keep you updated on any developments with your application. 


A typical standard householder planning application will take around 8 - 12 weeks for the local planning authority to determine a decision.  

The technical design stage commences once planning approval has been received for your project.

During this stage we add construction details to produce a detailed Building Regulations Specification and Construction Issue Drawings along with structural steel calculations reports.

Technical Design drawings and documents are used to obtain building control approval and are used by the builders during the construction process.

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