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Are You Planning a Home Extension

Planning a home extension is an exciting step towards creating more space and potentially increasing the value of your property. Here are some key points to consider when thinking about extending your home:

  • Budgeting:

Determine how much you’re willing to spend on the extension is a crucial step towards the planning of your new home extension. Remember to include costs for materials, labour, and any professional fees such as architects fees planning application fees and building control fees.

  • Planning Permission:

Its very important to check if your extension requires planning permission. Some smaller extensions may fall under “permitted development rights” and won’t need formal approval. Excela Architecture will carry out all the necessary checks to determine if your project would require planning approval.

  • Building Regulations:

Regardless of planning permission, your extension must comply with building regulations to ensure it’s safe and energy-efficient. This requires a building control application to be submitted along with Construction Issue drawings, structural calculations and Building Regulations details about your home extension works to ensure the project complies with building regulations.

  • Design:

Consider the design of your extension carefully. It should complement the existing structure of your home and meet your needs for additional space.

  • Value Addition:

While extensions can add value to your property, some extension may add more than other such as adding an extra bedroom to your home may add up to 15% in value. Its worth checking with your local estate agent to understand the potential return on investment in your area.

For a more detailed guide, including cost estimates and design ideas Excela Architecure provide a feasibility service where explore the potential of your home and provide you with

potential development options. .

We will can provide you with a rough estimate of costs and valuable tips for planning your extension.

Remember, careful planning and consideration of all aspects of the project will be key to a successful home extension. Excela Architecture are with you at every step of the process of your new project! 🏡


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