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Where to start with building a home extension?

When considering adding a home extension, it is essential to start by assessing your needs and requirements. Begin by determining the purpose of your extension - whether it is to create more living space, add a new room, or enhance the functionality of your home.


Next, consult with a professional architect to help you create a design that aligns with your vision and meets local building regulations. Here at Excela Architecture we provide valuable insights on maximizing the space in your current home the explore feasibility options for a proposed extension, ensuring structural integrity and looking to enhance the overall aesthetics of your home.


Once a design has been chosen, it is crucial to obtain the necessary approvals from both Planning and Building Control before commencing any construction work. This step is essential to ensure that your home extension complies with building regulations, avoiding any potential legal issues in the future. At Excela Architecture, we submit and manage both your Planning Application and Building Control Application on your behalf. We monitor the Planning Applications throughout the process, working with the planning officer through the application to give the application the best possible chance of approval.


Once Excela Architecture has completed the home extension construction drawings and the relevant approvals are in place the next step is to appoint a reputable building contractor with experience in home extensions to carry out the construction process efficiently and to a high standard.


Keep open communication with the professionals involved throughout the project to address any concerns or modifications that may arise.


By following these steps and working closely with, you can successfully build a home extension that enhances your living space and adds value to your property.



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